Wednesday, July 08, 2009

strategy execution

Over the years, this blog has been poorly maintained. One of the frustrating things is feeling constrained in being able to write the things I verbally comment on during the day. I'm a fairly argumentative person and have strong and passionate views. These views can land you in hot water if you don't think them through. When speaking, there's always the feedback loop from the listener in the form of them replying but also in terms of their body language that assists me to determine if I'm going too far. On the web, through a blog, this is much different. However, there is the opportunity to reach a far wider audience and obtain some validation or repudiation on thoughts and ideas. So, I am determined to make another attempt at regular blogging. On this occasion, my blogs will be less researchy "white papers" and more just random thoughts and observations about what happened during the day.

One of the more peculiar terms I've observed over the years is the management consultant's term "strategy execution". There's an American based management consultancy that differentiates their business via the tag line "strategy execution" and yet when you look at their services, they're much more about strategy formulation than strategy execution. To me, the only thing that "executes" strategy is the implementation of portfolios of projects aligned to that strategy with its associated change and resulting benefits based on the shareholder value created. It's not that I think their service offering wouldn't add value, its just that their whole proposition around strategy execution seems weird to me and undermines my trust in them actually knowing what makes a business hum.

Any thoughts?

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