Thursday, June 12, 2008

hectic, hectic, hectic

Well, as can easily be seen, we've done a great job updating this blog. Truth is we've just had no time. mbh has grown by 100% this year as measured by full time equivalents and revenue (thankfully, profits have grown by a greater % than this). With all the work that's come in the door, sadly, the blog has been left by the wayside. Some of the things that have been keeping us busy include:

Deployment of UniPhi to 300 users in 11 offices around Australia for Davis Langdon
Establishment of an office in Adelaide to support several projects there including continued business case capability development across the SA Government, compiling business cases for the Health Department and Bio innovation SA and conducting a whole of government project management maturity survey. I will include more about this survey pending permission from the SA Government.
Further product development and research into consulting opportunities in Russia and South American Agricultural industries. We are in the final stages of a business plan for this work which has been fascinating to be involved with.

One of this things I will attempt to blog about over the next few days is work we have been doing in researching triple bottom line methodologies in use. Part of this has come out of work with SA Government on measurement criteria for their business cases. From this catalyst, further research and ideas have been developed. More on that soon....

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